Banks & Cashpoints

Need cash?

Kemptown has only one bank branch: Lloyds at 10-13 St George’s Rd, Brighton BN2 1EB.

There are, however, plenty of cash dispensers around Kemptown.

Be aware that some machines may charge you for withdrawals.


The Coop (in-store ATM), 23 St George’s Rd, BN2 1ED

Lloyds Bank, 10-13 St Georges Rd, BN2 1EB

Mulberry, (in-store ATM) 32 Upper St James’ St, BN2 1JN.

Rock Food & Wine (in-store ATM) 2 Rock St, BN2 1NF.

Barclays (within the Royal Sussex Hospital) BN2 5BE.


Tesco, 25 St James St, BN2 1RF.

Post Office, (in-store ATM) 20 St James St, BN2 1RF.

Morrisons, (in-store ATM) 2 St James St, BN2 1RE.

Coop, 45 St James St, BN2 1RG

Sainsburys, St James Mansions, Old Steine