Five Kemptown Places … to Buy Global Foods

Thai, Turkish, French....

Beyond the impressive range of global restaurants across Kemptown are several stores where it’s possible to buy specialist ingredients from other countries. If you feel tempted to find some more exotic ingredients for your beach picnic, or to get out your cookery books or are simply feeling nostalgic for a certain taste or product, Kemptown Insider has five suggestions for where to shop.

Click on the shop name for location and opening hours. 

BOSPHOROUS. Beyond the colourful spectrum of the fresh produce outside – including many harder-to-find fruits and vegetables, the shelves within are stacked with ingredients for dishes from the Mediterranean and far beyond. The shop is Turkish-run and the chiller cabinet has plenty of Turkish essentials including yufka pastry sheets, suçuk sausage, white cheeses, and mantı pasta with all the spices you might need to go with them. There are plenty of other ‘ethnic’ ingredients in this store, though, including South Asian and Polish — and an impressive selection of Infinity Foods organic products.

THE REAL PATISSERIE. Baguette, Croissants, Fougasse, Croque Monsieur, Pain au Chocolat, Quiche – and the most fabulous Tartes, Madeleines, and French patisserie treats, made on the premises. The Real Patisserie is a joy for baked goods, desserts – and they make a good cup of coffee too. For a French-flavoured picnic, stock up here, pick up a bottle of something good and French across the road at Butlers Wine Cellar — and head down to the beach to gaze at the horizon. France is just across there, somewhere.

CHILLI NOODLE. Big sacks of Thai Royal Umbrella glutinous rice line the walls of this calm and fascinating Thai and oriental grocery store, in Cavendish St, just off the upper part of St James St. Chilli Noodle stocks a dazzling array of sauces, dry and frozen foods and gets regular deliveries of fresh vegetables from Thailand. The owners are very helpful and happy to provide any further explanations you might need as to how to use the contents of the brightly packaged goods.

ST GEORGE’S NEWS FOOD AND WINE. One of a cluster of three convenience stores at the eastern end of St George St, St George’s News has, in its freezer chest, a selection of delicious home-cooked curries made by owner Rekha. These include chicken, prawn and lamb dishes and a range of vegetarian accompaniments including dals, chilli paneer and potato and aubergine curry. The store also stocks  spices, Naan breads and samosas — as well as regular groceries.

POLSKI SMAKI. This  easy-to-spot shop near the New Steine  end of St James St sells Hungarian products as well as Polish. Polski Smaki translates as ‘Polish Flavours’ and there’s an impressive charcuterie counter, fresh Polish bread, cheeses, alcohol and dry, pickled and tinned goods — as well as a selection of magazines. The Hungarian section downstairs is smaller, but has essentials such as tejföl (sour cream) Túró Rudi (the iconic Hungarian curd cheese and chocolate snack bar), paprika and Piros-aranyi (paprika paste).