Five Kemptown Places to … Enjoy a Pizza

Eat in? Take Out? DIY?

Eat in? Take-out? DIY? Exotic ingredients? We pick five of Kemptown’s great pizza options.

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WOODBOX PIZZA A comparatively recent  addition to Kemptown’s restaurant scene: a bright and airy sit-down pizza restaurant with with a take-out option. Pizzas at the restaurant are cooked in the attractive domed wood-fired oven at the back of the open kitchen. There’s clever use of local Sussex ingredients throughout the menu: how about a Portabello Blue: Italian Tomato Polpa, Fior Di Latte Mozzarella, Portabello Mushrooms, Brighton Blue Cheese and Rocket? There’s also a ‘Taster’ pizza where you can sample four different types, arranged quarter-wise on one pizza. Starters and desserts are also delicious. A Margherita pizza here costs costs £7.50.

PIZZAFACE There are takeaway pizzas — and then there’s Pizzaface. Hugely popular for the quality and variety of its pizzas, the tiny takeaway/delivery outlet does  most of the standards (Margharita, Ham and Pineapple etc) but also  a long list of  tasty originals, such as The Jakub:  chorizo, pork and wild boar salami, caramelised onions, mascarpone, chilli flakes and oregano. Vegan, wheat free and gluten free bases are available. There are also weekly specials, salad and antipasti options, wine and beer — and desserts include gelato and brownies. A Margherita pizza to take out costs £7.

VIP (VERY ITALIAN PIZZA) On the western end of Kemptown, facing the Old Steine, VIP is a classic Italian pizzeria, cosy, friendly and with an impressive Neapolitan family backstory and a wood-fired oven. The pizza menu has all the classics, a calzone option – and an opulent house special, the VIP, featuring mozzarella, black truffle cream, porcini wild mushrooms and sausage. For younger customers, a major highlight here is the Nutella Pizza… maybe good to have a few wet wipes to hand. Click and collect ordering is possible as is delivery, via Deliveroo. A Margherita pizza here costs £6.50

 THE CO-OP If your energy levels or budget don’t stretch to ordering out – Kemptown’s two Co-ops may have the answer, with an impressive array of pizzas, and currently a 3-for-2 offer on many of them. Beyond the reliable standards (Margherita, Pepperoni etc) the Co-op thinks spectacularly outside the conventional pizza box. How about a Kashmiri Butter Chicken Pizza?  Or a Chimichurri Blackened Chicken Pizza? If a more DIY option appeals, the larger St James St Co-op also stocks ready-to-cook pizza bases on the shelf where they keep pasta sauces. A regular Margherita pizza costs £3.20.

 PUREZZA If you hesitate to go out for a pizza, either because you want to have more vegan and vegetarian options — or would just like to cut down on your gluten intake once in a while, then Purezza might be the answer. The cheerful restaurant, at the busy bottom end of St James St, specialises in plant-based ingredients. There are many of the traditional non-meaty pizza options, but some more exotic ingredients too, such as smoked beet, and ‘pea pancetta’. There’s a choice of bases: sourdough, hemp flour or gluten free – and takeaways and deliveries are also an option. And for dessert: ever fantasised about an Oreo Pizza? A Margherita pizza here costs £7.50