Eclectic cafe and entertainment

Eccentric, fun and wonderfully thought-out in an uncommercial sort of way, Bom-Bane’s is a Kemptown venue which defies conventional definitions. It is a cafe and restaurant with a Belgian twist (waffles, coffee, Belgian beers, and dishes such as Fish Waterzooi feature in amongst a menu of tasty comfort food). It is a live music venue featuring an eclectic mix of guests and where the hospitable owner and host, Jane Bom-Bane, might herself perform alone or with her madrigal group. At different times of the week its cosy, quirky rooms also host an after-school homework club, an art club and a crossword corner. There are also regular food and film nights and puppetry. And all this in what looks, from the outside, like an ordinary house in George St – albeit with a model of Jane Bom-Bane herself on the facade. A distillation of many of the things which make Kemptown fun.


George Street 24
Brighton BN2 England GB
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Opening hours can vary. Regular hours: Wed: 1230 - 2300 Thur: 1700 - 2300 Fri: 1700 - 2330 Sat: 1230 - 2330 Sun - Tue: Closed unless an event is arranged