Coffee, Cypriot treats & secret cinema

There is quite a lot more going on behind the pale exterior of this St James st cafe and sandwich bar than meets the eye. For one thing, there’s the fact that in amongst the wide range of dishes on the menu of breakfasts, bagels, sandwiches and panini there are some specifically Cypriot treats, such as a wrap with falafel and home-made hummus, or delicious savoury kisir and thick yoghurt (pictured). The Cypriot breakfast – eggs, halloumi, sliced sucuk sausage, salad and toast – has a loyal following. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are available along with smoothies and coffee from the UK-based, ethically-sourced Capriccio range.

Then – below stairs and usually on Sunday afternoons –  is the tiny ‘Picol-odeon’ theatre, which screens an interesting and eclectic selection of films for a small audience. The cinema/theatre space can also be hired for private use.