Five Kemptown Places … to enjoy a cake with your coffee

A treat with your cuppa

Need a little something extra with your elevenses? Kemptown Insider recommends five particular Kemptown Cakes to enjoy with your coffee or tea.

Click on the venue name for location details and opening hours.

    • A TOASTED SLICE OF BANANA BREAD AT PORTLAND. Banana bread, toasted? And with butter? You may be sceptical, but it is delicious – at least the version made at Portland, in the ‘village’ part of Kemptown, near Kemptown Bookshop. You have plenty of time to make up your mind on the banana bread: Portland is airy and relaxed — and has interesting books and packs of playing cards available for customers, should they wish to linger a little – or have another slice.
    • THE LEMON AND POLENTA CAKE AT MY COFFEE STORY.  All of the cakes and savoury treats on display at this welcoming St James St coffee shop are beautifully presented – but there’s something special about the texture and tangy taste of the Lemon and Polenta cake, which goes especially well with their excellent coffee, or a calm glass of Turkish tea.
    • A ‘LAMINGTON’ AT EGG AND SPOON. You don’t come across the Australian Lamington too often in British cafes — and the version which is sometimes made by Egg and Spoon is a particularly good introduction. It’s a cube of sponge cake with a layer of jam in the middle, coated in a chocolate sauce and then rolled in a light (but not intrusive) layer of desiccated coconut. The cake was supposedly named after Lord Lamington, a Governor of Queensland between 1896 and 1901. But if there aren’t any Lamingtons on the counter – don’t worry. Egg & Spoon produces a fine array of other treats as well.
    • THE SWEDISH-STYLE CHOCOLATE TORTE AT ARTISAN. There’s something comforting and Ikea-like about this shallow, knobbly-topped chocolate treat, which is also gluten free. It is available on most days at Artisan and comes in generous-sized portions.
    • A FRESHLY BAKED PASTRY AT THE CAFE IN ST GEORGE’S CHURCH. The beautifully arched and blue Georgian interior of St George’s Church is an inspired place to have a daytime coffee bar. Cafe manager Sandro bakes a basket of fresh pastries daily. Not strictly ‘cakes’, (although other cakes are available at the cafe counter) but they go particularly well with his delicious coffee. St George’s Church can be found at the corner of St George’s Rd and Paston Place.