The Old Bank

Delicious steak, ribs and burgers

British meat is prepared with almost ritualistic attention at the Old Bank. The steaks are matured for at least 28 days, then cooked on an open flame grill. Each burger is made in-house and ribs marinated for 24 hours, then gently steamed before grilling.

If you are struggling to make up your mind, then you could opt for their Tri-Combo: a  200g sirloin steak,  1/4 roast chicken and a half rack of ribs. And if that still sounds a bit lightweight, the restaurant has an ongoing challenge to its customers: if you can put away 2kg of rump steak (plus chips) in less than 45 minutes, you don’t have to pay for it. (If you fail, the profits go to the local Rockinghorse children’s charity).

It’s not all macho eating, though. The Old Bank has a relaxed, candle-lit evening vibe and pretty outdoor eating area which are Date Night-friendly. A well thought-out kids’ menu, good desserts and wide selection of offers on their website means that that it’s popular with families too.

The menu is online – and ordering and delivery are possible through delivery service Dinner2go


Saint George's Road 120
Brighton BN2 1EA The City of Brighton and Hove GB
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